6/18 MADGA meeting minutes

- Club Report: may need to do a proposal for Bess Rich once tax ID comes in

- Communication Report: meeting scheduled with city next week during lunch to discuss: land for back 9 of Gold, trash cans, adding “caution” signs at Red, maybe moving picnic table on hole 12, missing Hobbit basket, helping improve parking, benches / want to discuss with county about adding course back at Softball City, possibility of putting anchors in for temp course at Bogue / want to contact Prichard about possible course

- Competition Report: considering a Pro/Am, mini, or fundraiser between COMD & Howler (maybe July)

- Course Report: DJ gave updates to the projects that need attention – 
1) Wall at Cottage Hill (will schedule a work day soon) 
2) Bridges at Muni (15/16 & 18, need a work day soon) 
3) alternative pins/tees before signs go in at Cottage Hill (waiting for tax ID #) 
4) bridge on hole 16 at the Ridge (will be later in the year), 
5) bridge on hole 18 at Red 
6) John Kenny plans to have board for Muni ready soon

- Unfinished business: 
1) non-profit has been approved, just waiting on tax ID to come through 
2) COM Doubles: adding bag tag raffle, which will include free entry to Halloween Howler / sign sponsors so far: JesusFreak, Prime Suspects, SunnBuilders, Elite Lawn, R&R Automotive, First Church of Semmes, Friday Ace Toss
3) Howler Ideas: same 5 ideas, need to figure out best solution (back burner)

- New business: 
1) Muni Red Friday ace toss change: Since we basically do a flex start already, we’re adding a cut off time. No round can be started after 6:00 (1st or 2nd round), and you can’t pay for 2nd round until 1st round is complete. Usually Henry is there by 4:45, sometimes earlier, and people are allowed to start then.
2) Nathan is looking into possible storage unit for MADGA property (possible exchange for sponsorships)
3) Need to add 4x4 markers for the time being to Muni Red until we do fundraiser tourney to purchase signs

- Projects: 
We have multiple projects planned between now and the end of the year, which we will need help completing.
1) Cottage Hill wall - $200 – build it more substantially with benches and roof for coverage during inclement weather, possibly encourage people to sign it
2) Muni hole 8 pyramid - $1000 – build pyramid with timbers to elevate basket, also install “City of Chains” sign
3) Ridge hole 16 bridge - $600 – build winding bridge to cover the muddy mess of the hole
4) Muni bridges on holes 15/16 & 18, as well as Muni Red bridge on hole 18

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